Background: I’m a prevention educator who specializes in sexual violence prevention on college campuses (bystander intervention training program) and using this expertise as the bedrock for my masters (non-thesis) professional program … Sexual assault prevention programs based on the bystander intervention model have been shown to be effective; however, current programs … Additionally, results from the moderator analyses indicated that the effects on bystander intervention are similar for adolescents and college students, which suggests that early implementation of bystander programs … In addition, many bystander intervention programs rely upon … Developed by researchers at the University of New Hampshire, the Know Your Power Bystander Social Marketing Campaign is a nationally recognized program focused on reducing sexual and relationship violence and stalking on college campuses… Sexual violence is a major problem on college campuses and is associated with a range of negative health consequences for victims. The documentary focuses on sexual assault that occurs on college campuses throughout the US and how basically not much is done to address the issue. Hollaback! : Evaluation of Green Dot: An Active Bystander Intervention to Reduce Sexual Violence on College Campuses, 2011. I’ve got your back! OBJECTIVE Because of its high prevalence and serious consequences for victims, sexual violence is a significant problem on college campuses. Because of its high prevalence and serious consequences for victims, sexual violence is a significant problem on college campuses. On one campus, the Green Dot bystander intervention was implemented in 2008 (Intervention, n=2,979) and two comparison campuses had no bystander programming at baseline (Comparison, n=4,132). I found it interesting on how colleges are utilizing the bystander intervention program which reminds somewhat mimics the “Bystander … Coker, Cook-Craig, Williams, Fisher, Clear, Garcia, Heege. Goshen College students participate in a Prevention Intervention Network event on Nov. 10 (photo contributed by Kendra Yoder) In the spring of 2015, seven students at Goshen College created a bystander intervention training program … Is the bystander intervention … Know Your Power ® Bystander Social Marketing Campaign. Auto-ethnography is a new approach for me, hence the struggle. Bystander intervention is a model of sexual violence prevention based on evidence that community norms play a significant role in the perpetration of violence, especially on college campuses (Schwartz … Teaching students to intervene as prosocial bystanders has become a common element of sexual assault prevention efforts; although these programs … Bystander intervention has been gaining popularity on college campuses in recent years because of its potential to reduce gender violence. : I’ve got your back! … This review therefore provides important evidence of the effectiveness of mandated programs on college campuses.