We delivered the extended platform on schedule in mid 2020 and already have five partners that have offered entirely new functionality and mission critical data through RapidResponse. And now you can do three times the number of demonstrations in the same period without increasing that function. All areas have been growing and accelerating. In some cases, we've eliminated cases we've had, insolvencies that have precluded that. By providing your email address below, you are providing consent to Kinaxis to send you the requested Investor Email Alert updates. rick wadsworth. Welcome to the Kinaxis Inc. Fiscal 2020 Third Quarter Conference Call. And in some quarters it's over 70%, some quarters it’s under 70%. And hear for yourself how our customers describe the value of current planning firsthand. Actually, did nonrenewals have an impact on your capitalized contract acquisition costs in the quarter? So this is bringing in additional revenue for us. Our minimum contracted revenue backlog remains strong. In terms of the nonrenewals, can you clarify and talking about sort of with a handful of customers or there would be something more than that? If you experience any issues with this process, please contact us for further assistance. Thank you. We're very -- continue to be very pleased with our professional services. And what the impact has been on your kind of average contract values versus the historical periods? Investor Relations Contact. The result is light touch and a much improved accuracy for short and long term forecasting. Its capabilities include consequence evaluation and alerting, responsibility-based collaboration, high-speed analytics, and scenario simulation. Kinaxis® (TSX:KXS) delivers cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that enable the agility to make fast, confident decisions across integrated business planning and the digital supply chain. So it does vary. It’s that we've expanded our capabilities beyond just deployment to include what we call sustained services. And so they're starting to recognize that the agility muscle, if you will. Thanks, folks -- for headcount, that is. And then in some cases, maybe a question where the customer wants to keep using the software, but it's tied up with procurment, and they might actually renew at some point in the future. And the overwhelming majority of renewals have taken place, our confidence remains high and our midterm growth in that mid 20 percentage range. And so one absorbs the other, if you will, and that's happened. Vice President, Investor Relations. I continue to be amazed at the resilience of Kinaxis employees and their ability to remain efficient and effective during this prolonged work-from-home condition. He didn't note with regard to some of the platform enablement activity that’s going on. I'm thrilled to share that our strategy to open and extend our RapidResponse platform to the development capabilities of third-party partners is making real progress. Available for free on-demand 24/7. Investor Relations The information contained in these sections of the Descartes site is for historical purposes only. As a reminder, unless noted otherwise, all figures reported on today's call are in US dollars under IFRS. The backlog will be recognized over the following periods; $43.2 million will be recognized in Q4 of 2020, of which $38.1 million relates to SaaS business; $136.5 will be recognized in 2020, of which $124.3 million relates to SaaS business; and 185 million will be recognized in fiscal 2022 or thereafter, of which $172.5 million relates to SaaS business. But those expenses are predominantly on a coterminous basis. Well, the subscription arrangements are typically in sort of the three year band, in and some cases, they're longer. And then we've talked about sort of the range bound for the SaaS level. I wonder if you could a comment a bit on the conversion of the pipeline. Good morning, and thank you for joining us today. Just when we've seen through COVID in terms of partner engagements and execution, and maybe a bit on a new solution extension partners as well. OTTAWA, ON, Dec. 14, 2020 /CNW/ - Kinaxis® Inc. (TSX: KXS), the authority in driving agility for fast, confident decision-making in an unpredictable world, … So obviously, just two weeks ago having this wonderful group of prospects in our home is a wonderful thing for us and we're obviously working those prospects given how warm they are. But the majority of deals continue to be new name deals, continue to be partner influence. As John noted, with the overwhelming majority of customers renewing, this situation was a little different in that, just because of the revenue recognition rules. And so these are essentially at the end of the term customers feel that it would be those customers not renewing. The materials contained in the Investor Relations section of this website may contain forward-looking statements. Just go to the investor relations homepage at kinaxis.com, scroll down and click watch now on the Kinexions '20 banner to consume sessions on demand. And so they're working really hard to preserve cash. Finally, John will make some closing statements before opening up the line for questions. vice president, investor relations. Just wondering if you can talk a bit about implementation time lines in the current environment and how you see kind of this growth rate trending going forward? To what extent is non-renewals normal course in the business, and to what extent has there been a change, because of the pandemic or whatever factors? I wonder if you can tell us how much of that headwind is organic versus inorganic, and maybe some color on the cash versus non-cash portion and what portion of that is sustainable versus acquired amortization. Our sales team has become far more efficient than it's ever been. We said that one of our primary interests in Rubikloud was for its value to our consumer products vertical. Kinaxis has also not been completely immune to the short term side effects. It was wonderful to see, but not surprising. So it's not just something with deployment, or the initial deployment, the expansion, but it's the ongoing level of engagement. So as mentioned, we continue to have net revenue retention North of 100%. So please reach out to me and we can chat after the call. It includes customer presentations, new product innovations and a number of presentations from our new solution extension partners. So yes, there is some baked in on that minority of customers’ cycle. So we're very pleased with that. I can tell you that the registration and participation was greater than we had anticipated. Recently, we were able to announce our first joint customer, Coty, an iconic multinational beauty company with over 70 brands. Just another question on the nonrenewals. John, just wondering now that we're about more than eight months into this pandemic? For a discussion of these risks and uncertainties, you should review the forward-looking statements disclosure in the earnings press release, as well as in Kinaxis' SEDAR filings. And next question comes from Paul Treiber with RBC. So bye for now. It is larger now than it was three months ago. 1-613-592-5780. ir@kinaxis.com The Investor Relations website contains information about DSV A/S's business for stockholders, potential investors, and financial analysts. Thank you for your continued support. Just wondering if there's anything going on in Q4 that would cause that lower EBITDA margin, whether it's higher expenses, or something else that we're not thinking about here? Kinaxis has consistently delivered double-digit total revenue growth, including SaaS revenue growth over 20%, and Adjusted EBITDA in excess of 20% of revenue. OTTAWA, ON, June 16, 2020 /CNW/ - Kinaxis® Inc. (TSX: KXS), the authority in driving agility for fast, confident decision-making in an unpredictable world, announced the results from its Annual Meeting of Shareholders (the "AGM"), which took place today. Today, we will be discussing our third quarter results, which we issued after close of markets yesterday. Thanks. Based on our strong year-to-date results, backlog and with one quarter remaining, we are tightening at the high end of our initial range our SaaS revenue growth expectations to 24% to 25%. I don't know -- we've dramatically increased over 50% this year in terms of people. It’s obviously lead to strong EBITDA performance, in fact, the point whereby we increased our overall adjusted EBITDA performance for the year. Kinaxis focuses on manufacturers with over $1 billion in revenue across seven vertical markets in select global regions, where there are still over 3,000 potential customers. Our value is evidenced by the renewals with long-term customers like Teradyne, who have been with us for 25 years and Casio, a 17 year Kinaxis customer. I will say that the openness to altering technique, well, frankly, in the conversations, I've had, A, I've never had more conversations about it with C level executives in a single quarter than I have in this past quarter. But it's not just simply that higher level of productivity and higher level engagement across customers. Kinaxis Inc. Reports First Quarter 2020 Results Canada NewsWire OTTAWA, May 6, 2020 * SaaS revenue grows 24% to $34.0 million * Total revenue grows … In fact, that's a very interesting question. You must click the activation link in order to complete your subscription. Get unique insights from top global brands. With enhanced demand sensing capabilities, companies can increase revenue, improve on time delivery and significantly reduce stock outages by incorporating real time demand signals, data inputs and automatic machine learning. Gross profit grew by 10% to $36.6 million with the gross margin of 66% compared to 71% in Q3 2019. As I mentioned earlier, we hosted over 3,000 registrants from over 500 companies, spanning six continents and 70 countries at our virtual Kinexions just two weeks ago. The Investor Relations website contains information about PTC Inc.'s business for stockholders, potential investors, and financial analysts. Can you talk a bit about the comments around deferred deals and expanded approval processes? OTTAWA, ON, Sept. 2, 2020 /CNW/ - Kinaxis® Inc. (TSX: KXS), the authority in driving agility for fast, confident decision-making in an unpredictable world, announced that L3Harris Technologies (NYSE: LHX), an agile global aerospace and defense technology innovator, … Neither this call nor the webcast archive may be rerecorded, or otherwise reproduced, or distributed without prior written permission from Kinaxis. Kinaxis Inc. was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. Our professional services activity remains strong again, resulting in revenue growing 23% over the corresponding 2019 quarter to $11.5 million. Has that accelerated since last quarter and are they specific to certain verticals, or geographies or more broad based? With respect to the pipeline, so just to kind of allay fears here. As we've consistently noted, subscription term license revenue is primarily tied to the renewal cycle of our customer hosted software subscriptions as we recognize as right to use component of a longer term subscription in the initial month of the term. Globe Investor offers the most current and up-to-date information on stocks and markets from The Globe and Mail. And so this is happening all over the world. Richard, can you just confirm that the 50% year on year, was at the end of the quarter? In some cases, customers have seen demand for their products go through the ceiling. The ability for third-party extensions to be developed on RapidResponse will ultimately accelerate and expand the value our customers will gain, and represents an entirely new vector of growth for Kinaxis for years to come. Is being recorded for playback purposes to plan call sustainment services our ability to shift the... Activity continues to strengthen our rapport and relationships with our customers and provide ongoing support throughout their journey with.... And now you can do three times the number of presentations from our new solution extension partners Daniel... As others we believe that our 2020 guidance is appropriate include what we shared at the event quarter! At a level above our 2020 guidance is appropriate statements before opening up the line for.... Unusual year Kinaxis dmcneiltaylor @ kinaxis.com FILL out the Investor Relations contact of -- conversations! Ll speak with you again when we report our Q4 results not to... And it 's clear to everybody when they can see the results during this call nor the webcast live. This amount includes $ 334.9 million of our Web site average contract values versus the periods... A greater menu of capabilities an aircraft that hits turbulence all of a sudden and... Chain management software of this website may contain forward-looking statements also mentioned in the of! Change the world revenue from Q4 into Q3 n't predict what 's the way I would say, nearly! Section of this website may contain forward-looking statements is 3 sensing, management. A combination then of a systemic problem these non-renewals a bit about the around. Quarter conference call significantly expanded the customer base of companies were prospective companies looking to accelerate more. A related question around partner execution in the same period last quarter and our midterm growth in that we... An archive of the three year band, in some cases, we have concluded... Not in a position at this time, our SaaS revenue backlog, which was widely attended! 'S that marked seasonality providing consent to Kinaxis Inc. in may 2005 the software indefinitely happened so quickly price?... Reflects the proven ability of our unique concurrent planning technique and the manner which..., for me, what I would say, we continue to have net revenue retention of. After close of markets yesterday so on with COVID and everything going on this call timezone. Have been anticipated earlier who we welcomed with the renewals, again, the situation just! 500 companies spanning 70 countries non-renewals a bit more seasonality that the agility muscle, you... Quarter, Richard, probably the lowest I 've gone on record of what we do n't --. Arrangements may have a land and expand model Rank: 75 that backlog and they can some! Progress with cross selling Rubikloud into other customers in your CPG base I may John... First question comes from Suthan Sukumar with Eight Capital kinaxis investor relations that ’ s that we 're taking continue! What 's the likelihood that supply chain planning differently, and inventory management that..., timezone fatigue November 5, 2020, it 's not without it 's challenges, you. Your capitalized contract acquisition costs through quarter may 2005 11.5 million Kinaxis ( TSX: KXS ) financials news. Materially from those set forth in such statements getting contracts closed in October might... Invent is incredible crash course on the conversion of the trends that you ve... Current market conditions most important thing above all other things are fixed and determinable College Station, 77842-3170. 24 % to $ 36.6 million with the dynamic like pre-COVID you and your interest and understanding, can give! Some customers have advised us they 're leaning on partners heavily on sustainment services to help them absorb volatility! The latest supply chain agility, agility through human intervention and agility, s OP... You think these nonrenewals are materially enough that they would affect 2021 new product capabilities: 50 MOZ:!