USGS Argon Lab Personnel

Mike Cosca – Research Geologist

Mike Cosca photoMike’s research is broadly focused on understanding the geochronology of ore deposits, mountain building, volcanic stratigraphy, landscape formation, near-surface faulting, physical and chemical controls of argon distribution in minerals and rocks, and developing novel methods for 40Ar/39Ar analysis.  Much of his research involves collaborations with USGS scientists from the Central Mineral and Environmental Resources Science Center ( and the Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center (  Current research projects include the Cenozoic landscape evolution of the Southern Rocky Mountains, igneous activity related to mineralization in the Basin and Range province, and the timing of fluid flow and mineralization in the Proterozoic mid continent rift of North America.


Leah Morgan – Research Geologist

bio image of Leah  Morgan

Leah has worked on a range of applications and method development issues in 40Ar/39Ar geochronology. Applications have largely focused on questions in paleoanthropology and the geologic timescale. Method development projects include developing metrologically traceable systems for measuring absolute quantities of 40Ar and 40K, and the design of a mobile neutron source for the future in situ deployment of 40Ar/39Ar capabilities on planetary surfaces.



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