FRIDay 2019 Oral Presentations

Catherine Stewart (USDA, Agricultural Research Service)

Unexpected consequences of long-term agricultural conservation management on soil C cycling.

Catherine Stewart abstract

Leah Morgan (US Geological Survey)

A supervolcano and its sidekicks: A 100 ka eruptive chronology of the Fish Canyon Tuff and associated units of the La Garita magmatic system.

Leah Morgan abstract

Kevin Rozmiarek (University of Colorado, INSTAAR)

Flying Higher: An update to INSTAAR’s water vapor isotope drone program and what it could mean for understanding the Greenland hydrological cycle.

Kevin Rozmiarek abstract

Andrew Hunt  (US Geological Survey)

Integration of noble gas data in assessment of freshwater aquifer systems overlying hydrocarbon reservoirs associated past and present or possible future development activities.

Andrew Hunt abstract

Chris Florian (NEON – National Ecological Observatory Network)

The National Ecological Observatory Network’s Stable Isotope Data Products: a Status Update.

Chris Florian abstract

Chris Holm-Denoma (US Geological Survey)

Beyond Zircon: Development of methods for U-Pb geochronology of novel mineral systems by laser ablation ICPMS.

Chris Holm-Denoma abstract

Christine Pink (Metro State University of Denver)

Applications of Stable Isotope Analysis in Forensic Anthropology: A Consideration of Chronic Drug Use and Variation in Isotopic Profiles.

Christine Pink abstract

Front Range Isotope Group