FRIDay 2019 Poster Presentations

Bethany Avera (Colorado State University)

Do decomposing AMF and EMF necromass contribute differently to the formation of mineral associated soil organic matter?

Bethany Avera abstract

Craig Cook (University of Wyoming)

Nucleating Isobank

Craig Cook abstract

Katherine Rocci (Colorado State University)

Nitrogen dynamics in an established alfalfa field vary more over a growing season than in response to low application rates of biochar in a sandy soil.

Katherine Rocci abstract

Lesleigh Anderson (US Geological Survey)

Holocene climate of the western Kenai lowlands, Alaska, based on pore water stable isotopes and plant macrofossil assemblages of peatland permafrost.

Lesleigh Anderson abstract

Hanna Oleszak (Colorado State University)

Effects of disturbance and residue location on CO2 fluxes in an irrigated, no-till corn system.

Hanna Oleszak abstract

Michelle Haddix (Colorado State University)

Using 13C and 15N Labeled Corn Leaf Extracts to Study Soil Organic Matter Formation.

Michelle Haddix abstract

Mark Dreier (US Geological Survey)

Stable carbon isotopes of kerogen, bitumen, oil and gas from oil shales before and after pyrolysis.

Mark Dreier abstract

Ciara Asamoto (University of Colorado Boulder)

Uncovering enzyme specific isotope effects of nitrate reduction.

Ciara Asamoto abstract

Courtland Kelly (Colorado State University)

Understanding crop genotype effects on rhizosphere microbiome and nutrient processes.

Courtland Kelly abstract

Rachel Havranek (University of Colorado Boulder)

Developing a multiport soil vapor storage system to understand pedogenic carbonate formation.

Rachel Havranek abstract

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