FRIDay 2015 Oral Presentations

Nitika Dewan (University of Denver, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Tracing dust sources using stable lead and strontium isotopes in Central Asia

Nitika Dewan abstract

Andrew Doll (Denver Museum of Nature and Science)

Sea lion vibrissae indicate seasonal patterns in trophic consumption

Andrew Doll abstract

Michelle Haddix (Colorado State University)

Using dual differential isotopic labeling of plant litter to track the contribution of labile and recalcitrant components to soil organic matter formation

Michelle Haddix abstract

Christopher Laughrey  (Dolan Integration Group)

The Stable Isotope and Noble Gas Geochemistry of a Natural N2 Gas Reservoir, Northwestern Denver-Julesburg Basin, Goshen County, Wyoming

Christopher Laughrey abstract

Hongyan Luo

NEON stable isotopic measurements

Hongyan Luo abstract

Sylvia Michel (Colorado University, INSTAAR)

Twenty-five years and counting: stable isotopes of greenhouse gases measured by the NOAA – CU INSTAAR cooperative program

Sylvia Michel abstract

Leah Morgan (US Geological Survey)

Isotope ratio measurements elucidate physical, chemical and biological processes

Leah Morgan abstract

Shannon Murphy (University of Denver)

Impacts of nutrient subsidies on salt marsh food webs

Shannon Murphy abstract

James Paces (US Geological Survey)

Use of Sr and U isotopes to evaluate water sources and mixing in freshwater and estuarine wetlands

James Paces abstract

Craig Stricker (US Geological Survey)

Isotopic incorporation and the effects of fasting and dietary lipid content on isotopic discrimination in large, carnivorous animals.

Craig Stricker abstract

Michael Wunder (Colorado University at Denver)











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